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Many tertiary institutions were faced with a registration crisis this year. Never ending lines of students waiting to be helped, late applications, rejected NSFAS applications, walk-ins who want to register to name a few challenges. While most tertiary institutions have online registration portals, these portals only serve one purpose – registration. Institutions need a central point of information, where data is collected and accessed for informed decisions. This is just one of the benefits that a Student Information System can offer.

A Student Information System or SIS automates an institutions administration and management systems. As complex as this may sound, this process actually streamlines the way an institution is managed. Saving time, human resources and energy, while creating more efficient management systems. Other benefits include:

·        Registration simplified: Students can register remotely via the SIS, but also pay fees, enroll for specific courses and access relevant information for these courses.

·        No more manual paperwork: automated administration means information in the system can be pulled through to populate report, track students and capture any relevant data.

·        Communication: With access to student information, what they are studying, contact details, their process – institutions can communicate with students via the SIS ensuring smooth communication.

·        Course content generation: Create course content via the SIS platform and manage these courses through the same system.

·        Manage data: With 1000s of students, managing data has to be seamless for it to be effective. A SIS offers one central point where all information can be accessed in an organised and effective manner. User-friendly dashboards offer access to relevant information about a student, course or faculty at the touch of a button – in real-time.

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A Student Information System automates and streamlines your institution’s academic and administrative processes – addressing the complete student lifecycle.

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