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As the days of the month of March slowly tick by, many students face the reality of the challenges they must face to be successful in their courses. While some may think they have a handle on it, some may not realise they are falling behind… fast and furiously. The result can easily mean another student dropout…or a few. So how can an educator spot an at-risk student and intervene before it is too late?

Simple – learning analytics.  Picture a student in your class fiddling with their phones. He appears to be taking notes, but you cannot really say if he is, or if he is just WhatsApping a friend…in class time. Of course, he could be checking coursework or working with his peers on lecture related work. But then again, he could be completely distracted during your class with non-related activities.

Now, what if you as educator, had access to data to help you understand your students’ behaviour better. Not only picking up on their online activities, but also using analytical tools to speak to your students in their unique, digital language. Through understanding your students’ behaviour when it comes to technology, you may also have the insight to create a course that meets his/her needs and expectations.

While there is no easy solution to engaging students, but there are definitive, constructive steps you can take.

  1.          You can use analytical tools to help identify at-risk students.
  2.         Help students who are struggling through interpreting analytics
  3.          Support students in discovering how they can help themselves

Learning analytics can help your students be happier and more efficient in their studies. Find out how and more by getting in touch with us today – for tools that offer strategic solutions.


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Making students happier is just the start of how learning analytics can help you

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