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On the 12th of June, Eiffel Corp hosted an event called “Cogknowtion.” An innovative concept speaking of an individual “seeking digital education, mobility and change management excellence for knowledge and growth.”

With just under 100 participants gathering, the day was filled with action, learning and networking.

The venue slowly filled up early morning, with guests gathering around to enjoy coffee and refreshments. Our CEO, Ian Light, led with introductions and an overview of Eiffel Corp’s history, which was followed by lightning… 

Our ‘Lightning Strikes’ sessions opened the floor with interactive stations where participants joined in on fun and games that illustrated Eiffel Corp’s main products and services. This proved to be a true learning curve for all, from assessing originality in academic essays, to true or false quizzes on Learning Management Systems, and some ball skills in a simulation of ‘beer pong’ (a firm favourite). Then there was learning about mobile solutions, while uncovering codes in a mobile app ‘treasure’ hunt; and colour coded smarties reveal the intricacies of SIS. 

After the sessions were completed – our guest speakers shared some more in depth insights on these products, followed by lunch, after which participants learnt the ease with which a mobile app can be developed and deployed – in under an hour.

“Cogknowtion offered a true reflection of how active participation in learning increases understanding of subject matter. Research showed that long term retention rates dramatically increase when participatory methods are used in teaching. Our products and services enable interactive teaching or training and learning,” Clare Reilly, General Manager: Sales and Marketing.

It is this deep, reflective cognitive process that captures the essence of “Cogknowtion”, the key to what we do.

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