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As the idea of the “traditional” student disappears from higher education, campus communities are responding to an increasingly diverse student body, with a wide range of backgrounds, interests and perspectives. To ensure that all students, regardless of these differences, experience a study journey that meets the standards above, we must expand the traditional campus to deliver on the individual needs of each student. More and more institutions are realising that mobile can offer the flexibility to create personalized experiences with a platform that can scale across large student bodies and many campuses.

Learn how you can deploy mobile to support student success across all student demographics and enable a vibrant campus that each student can experience in their own way.

1.Enhance real-life campus experiences

Deploy an app that will help students get oriented on campus, informs them of mandatory and optional orientation events, and gives them opportunities to connect with other students.

2. Make course enrollment easy

Use your campus app to decrease the barriers for students to enroll in college and progress at a steady pace towards college completion.

3. Support students with financial aid information

Students may be eligible for grants they never knew existed, and, with some support, might be able to rearrange their budgets to find that extra funding.

4. Create engaging, personalised communications

Ensure your students are getting information that is critical to their success on campus. Too often, student emails go ignored and pile up, only to get batch deleted when inboxes become full.

5. Help students skill-up, no matter the skills they’re looking for

Students are increasingly looking for customised learning experiences that incorporate digital options. Take your in-app offerings one step further and use mobile to support student learning.

6. Prioritise student wellness and mental health

Incorporate a wellness module into your campus app, featuring content like tips for starting a meditation practice, managing competing priorities, or starting a new habit, such as regular exercise.

8. Keep students on track with degree progression

Make sure your students know how many more credits they need to graduate, which required classes they need to take, and how they are tracking towards college completion

9. Bring together your campus community

Mobile can bring people together under shared interests and keep students connected to your institution.

10. Deliver on a student support system

Having a support system is key to student success. Give parents, family members and other student supporters access to campus information through the app.

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