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Cloud servers reduce costs up to 21%

While the impression is there that a cloud server is potentially more risky than hosting data on an internal server, IT leaders in Higher Education believe the so-called “Cloud” is the way of the future for Educational Institutions. In fact hosting in the cloud can save an institution up to 21% in cost!

Data is dynamic. Constantly moving, constantly accelerating in terms of size and speed. The only way to stay up to speed competitively is to host this constant stream of data on a cloud-based server. But what are the implications for an institution if they were to opt for cloud? Here are a few key benefits:

More space

A cloud-base server means access to virtual space. This means institutions can handle higher volumes of inquiries and admissions, improving overall performance.


Less human resources, less equipment, less on-premises security needed. In short less infrastructure translates to less costs


Yes, handled correctly a cloud-based server can actually be safer than your data locked up in a room with human protection. Protected 24/7 with less technical disruptions and physical threats such as fire, power failures and physical security.

Ease of access

Share information immediately across your institution. A cloud-based system offers a standardised administrative process, with the advantage of immediate roll-out of all changes.

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