A resounding 'yes' to Staffroom

“Our education is based on sound traditional values, servant leadership and a collaborative effort that embraces a love of learning in a diverse and real world environment.”

Rivonia Primary School has a proud heritage of 117 years and is rated as a top school in Johannesburg. To uphold excellence, the school needs a management system that benefits the school administrators, staff, students and parents.

We asked principal Andrew Crole about their experience with Staffroom:

1.            What was your process like before Staffroom?

Simple to use. Safety of your confidential property and database. 

The support that every school needs.

2.            What would you say to a school considering Staffroom?

For any aspiring academic institution, it has the flexibility and simplicity to fit any needs and objectives.

3.            What would your team’s workflow or process be like without Staffroom?

Certainly, more difficult for me to trouble shoot. The products we have used (and we have used a few) were less user friendly or portable or reliable or efficient.

4.            Do you think the investment in Staffroom was worthwhile? 

We’ve done quite a bit of research on this and I believe the price point is competitive and fair. When you have had the support that we’ve had, it makes the investment all the more satisfactory.

5.            What would you say if we told you Staffroom was no longer available?

As any school would know, there would be a massive overhaul of administration and the migration process and change management would be extensive. It would be hugely disappointing because we have finally found a product that we all enjoy!

6.            How would you describe Staffroom if you were explaining it to a friend?

A product for all teachers and administrators! It’s that user friendly!

7.            What do you love about your job? Your company?

We’re a highly aspiring public school who provide, in my opinion, the best value for money education in Johannesburg. It is a values-based mainstream education facility that creates a phenomenal foundation for its pupils. To be able to affect young lives in such an environment is a great privilege!

8.            What was the worst part about your process before Staffroom?

After sales support from other service providers.

Lack of clarity in what other products said they provided.

Struggle from certain staff members to use the other products efficiently.

9.            What do you love about Staffroom?

The simple interface and usability of the various facilities it offers.

10.        Would you recommend Staffroom?

Absolutely. Have done so. Have done an address on it already!

11.         How has Staffroom impacted your school’s success?

With the complexity involved with the children’s data and results with a school of this size, there are always bound to be mistakes made. I have so appreciated the ease of identifying possible mistakes and the correction thereof. It also provides me with some wonderful analytics that provide worthwhile debate.

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