Unlocking the Power of Your LMS

A Journey to Mastery with Fundamental Admin Training

Mastering Your LMS

In the constantly evolving world of digital learning, having a firm grasp on your Learning Management System (LMS) is crucial. Through our Fundamental Admin Training, we aim to equip you with the comprehensive skills and knowledge to effectively manage your LMS environment and drive educational success.

The course is meticulously designed, not just to teach but to transform. We aim to elevate your proficiency in LMS handling from basic to expert, impacting your day-to-day usage in significant ways. We believe in fostering the skills that ensure the smooth operation of your digital education platform, creating a user-friendly learning environment for everyone involved.

As an LMS Site Administrator, your role transcends technical skills. You are the leader, the keyholder, the person tasked with maintaining and managing the LMS site to ensure it meets your organisation’s teaching, learning, and operational needs. With the highest permission level on the LMS, your role is crucial to the system’s success.



Course Overview

Our Fundamental Admin Training is more than just a course. It is your opportunity to rise to the challenge, to provide leadership, and to pave the way for digital learning success in your organization. The journey to mastery begins with you, and we are here to support every step of the way.

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The Fundamental Admin Course provides a foundation from which new Site Administrators will learn the capability of the LMS as well as the importance of their role in the LMS environment.


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